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History of Willow Wine Cellars

Brendan Simpers was born and raised in Virginia where fine wines have a historic pedigree. His first tasting was at Chrysallis Vineyards and, mind blown by the then indescribable flavors, he applied for a job on the spot.

After finishing his degree he set out for the Napa Valley in California. He got a job at Beringer leading tours and guiding tastings and soon he perfected his ability to describe those flavors in nuanced detail!

And how much

Love plays its part

Simpers wanted to move into the production side of wine and so participated in his first harvest and crush at The Napa Valley Reserve. While there he met Tarnna White who fortuitously shared his love of fine wines and perfectly matched foods. When the time was right the two of them joined together and left the high glitz and glam of the Napa Valley in exchange for the windy Columbia Gorge that was Tarnna’s home.

The willow is a symbol of life, death, and rebirth which, coincidentally, is also the path a wine grape takes on its way to your glass

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